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Máy Bào 4 Mặt

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Loại: Máy Bào Gỗ
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*230 mm x 125 mm moulding capacity. 
*Full coverage sound cover/safety enclosure.
*2 M infeed table and fence for straightening.
*Precision sealed long life high speed ball bearing.
*Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
*Electrics control are CE and UL approved available.
*Pneumatic pressure feed system for easy adjustment.
*Standard 40 mm spindles ,Optional 50 mm , 1-13/16" or 1-1/2"
*High speed cutter heads.
*Cardan joint drive system with drive shafts and. oil bath gear boxes.
*Solid heat treated cast iron construction for long life and vibration free performance.

Cardan Drive System & Powerful Motor 
Chainless cardan drive system with drive shafts and oil gear boxes. Cardan shafts drive for powerful and smooth reliable performance Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity. Up to 15hp standard motor including Star-delta soft start.
The 2nd + 3rd vertical spindle are combine together with same motor.

The all-new designed Sprinter-Series 4 Side Moulder:    
The new Sprinter-series Moulder from Winner Machinery give you own all the economy and efficiency of excellent performance at a reasonable price. This Moulder has an exclusive differential all cast iron base construction. For extraordinary precision speed and reliability. This all new Sprinter-series standard of Winner Machinery 4-side Moulder is your best choice.

Standard & Optional Equipment:   


Optional Requirement:

1. Increase motor horsepower available 
2. Spindle diameter up to 50 mm , 1-13/16" or 1-1/2"
3. Automatic table lubrication system 
4. CE certifications requirements 
5. Universal spindle equipment 
6. Automatic hydraulic feeding magazine 
7.Electrical digital position control

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