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Loại: Máy Móc, Thiết Bị Phụ Trợ
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Outstanding Features:

  1. TF1: Single side moulding
  2. The machine employs a PLC control for easy operation and smooth motion sequence.
  3. Foot Switch controls motion cycle.
  4. Combine three functions in one;cutting,moulding and boring.
  5. Table surface is equipped with a miter gauge for bevel moulding.
  6. Entire motions are actuated by air/hydraulic combination cylinders,providing fast, stable and smooth motions.
  7. Table tilts 30˚ front downward.
  8. The table support is fitted with oilless bushings.
Miter Gauge
  • The table is equipped with a miter gauge with angle setting 0°~45°right and left, making the machine suitable for bevel molding operations. Air Clamp
  • The workpiece is clamped by air cylinder for convenient and fart clamping and unclamping.
Variable Workpiece Feed Speed
  • The machine employs two speed regulator knobs to adjust the table feed forward and backward speeds. permitting workpiece contacting cutter smoothly.
  • Variable feed speed makes the machine ideal for cutting hard and soft wood.
Moulding Unit
  • The moulding units consists of two spindles.
  • One spindle is fixed, while the other spindle can be adjusted in height position.
  • The moulding unit is equipped with a seethru guard to prevent chips from splashing.
Boring Unit
  • The boring unit is driven by a 3 HP motor.
  • One 5-spindles boring head is standard equipment. 
    Other types of boring head are available upon request.
  • The boring unit moves on high precision linear guide ways for smooth trowel and high linear accuracy.
  • Boring head stroke is adjustable.
Centralized Control Panel
  • All motion controls of the machine are completely centralized on a control panel, providing operational convenience for operator.

Electronic Parts Meet European Standards

  • The control circuit in the electric cabinet consists of French TE brand electronic components, meeting European standards.
  • The high performance control circuit assure sensitive and stable motion controls at all times.
Cutting unit  
Spindle motor (1) 3 HP
Blade size 450 mm
Spindle speed 3000 RPM
Boring unit
Spindle motor (1) 3 HP
Boring 17 17/22 22 mm (5-spindles boring head)
Spindle speed 3000 RPM
Depth adjustment 70 mm
Spindle motor (2) 5 HP
Spindle diameter (2) 30 mm
Spindle speed 8000 rpm/min
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1600x1600x1400 mm
Packing size (LxWxH) 1930x1720x1500 mm
Net / Gross weight 1800/1900 kg
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